Logos are flying, designers are designing, the phones are ringing off the hook and inboxes are literally catching fire – such is the frenetic pace of activity!

While speakers polish their presentations the ITP Elves are working on putting the final touches to the All-day VIP lounge and the not-to-be-missed ITPalooza After Dark Networking and VIP Party.

With ITPalooza’16 just 2 weeks away things are getting pretty exciting here at ITP Central. As you can imagine the “To Do” lists are getting longer instead of shorter, overall activity levels are approaching critical mass and the whole team is focused on delivering the best Technology experience for our South Florida community.

Click-Click FREE Toys for Tots Pledge Drive Tickets always available!

But in case I’ve left you with the impression that panic ensues, rest assured that calmness and tranquility prevails throughout the campus thanks in no small part to our fearless leader and ITP Planning Committee Chair, Connie Cabrera.

So I encourage you to take advantage of the holidays, kick-back, chill-out, relax and recharge ’cause come December 8, you’re going to need all the energy your geek-ed out body can muster if you want to keep pace with the action at ITP16!


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