Two innovative VR vendors show their products in an interactive hands-on exhibit.

Our mission is to use Virtual Reality to improve the overall quality of life of individuals confined by their medical condition.


The Virtual Relief Organization is an organization that brings virtual reality to individuals in medical facilities at no cost. We are sponsored by the Center for Social Change, a non-profit organization that supports visionaries in South Florida who want to change the world.

Our goal is to be the premier nonprofit organization bringing VR pain distraction to patients in medical facilities to help improve their mental and physical condition.


Virtual Reality Game Studio creators of Project Ghost, a futuristic virtual reality game where you obliterate your enemies with your cyber swords and energy bows.

A new early prototype game for the HTC Vive is aiming to bring your time-shifting, lightsaber wielding dreams to life with Project Ghost, a new game, early in production, which mashes together so many individually cool ideas, some of them have to work!

Project Ghost is a “passion project” for the developer Gaspar Ferreiro, also the founder of Project Ghost Studios. Ostensibly an action title, and still at a very early stage in development, Project Ghost brings together so many great ideas with such enthusiasm, its easy to look beyond some of the work-in-progress aesthetics at a game that could be so much fun.

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