Discover specific Programs in progress at Healthcare, Information Technology, Travel and Academics.

Start Time: 12/08/2016 10:00 AM

End Time: 12/08/2016 10:45 AM

Why you should attend

  • Discover specific Programs in progress at Healthcare, Information Technology, Travel and Academics.
  • Get background and where we are on Cognitive Computing.
  • Understand what it means for Information Technology and Society in general.
  • Learn what the future look like for Cognitive Computing. Where are we going.
  • Be involved with people who are interested in benefiting from work that is going on.

Presenter: Asif Malik – ABCo USA Inc. (Founder and CEO)

About Asif Malik:
Asif Malik is an independent consultant in IT Architecture and Design space. He has interest in Human Development in general the role IT plays in it. He is currently engaged with offshore companies to develop solutions for Cognitive Era specially those based on IBM Watson APIs. He is also deeply inv…  Read More
About Carmen Suarez:
Carmen Suarez has been an employee of Miami-Dade County for over 34 years. Upon completion of her Bachelor of Science in Systems Analysis degree at the University of Miami, she joined the Information Technology Department as an entry level Systems Analyst in the Database Administration Unit. Through…  Read More
About David Goodis:
David Goodis started Revelex Corporation on the idea that advancements in technology can be used to make travel easier and more accessible. As CEO of the company, Goodis has used that mission to make Revelex an industry leader for travel booking solutions. By using his experience in sales and market…  Read More
About Guy Boy:
Guy André Boy is a computer scientist, as well as an aerospace and control engineer. He obtained his PhD in automation and systems design in 1980 at École nationale supérieure de l’aéronautique et de l’espace (ISAE-SUPAERO), and his HDR (habilitation as research director) in Computer Science…  Read More
About Jeff Rogers:
Jeff leads the North American team responsible for Industry Solution sales to government and healthcare clients. Focus solutions areas include Health and Human Services programs, Smarter Cities/Government, Emergency Management, Enterprise Health Analytics….  Read More
About Martin Ingram:
Martin Ingram is the Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Arise. Martin joined Arise in April 2012 and is responsible for all information technology of the organization. Prior to joining Arise in 2012, Martin served as Vice President of Global Critical Accounts and Services Engi…  Read More
About Rich Kroll:
Rich Kroll is the Director of Software Engineering for Modernizing Medicine, an innovative healthcare IT company that sits at the intersection of health IT, big data, predictive analytics and cloud computing. A seasoned engineering leader with over 15 years of experience in the design, development a…  Read More



Cognitive Computing: The present and the future

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