Meet your ITPalooza Agile Team

If you know anything at all about Agile and the Agile community in South Florida, you’ll surely know Anjali Leon who is a pragmatic Agile evangelist, coach and consultant. Anjali has assemble a fantastic team of presenters to bring you a dynamic set of Agile sessions not to be missed.


Anjeli-Leon-225x225Anjali Leon

Company: Pragmatic Project Leadership, Agile Coach and Consultant
Sessions: Agile Serious Play – Learn Agile Through Games, The Case for Agility

Anjali is owner and principal coach at Pragmatic Project Leadership LLC, a South Florida based Agile Coaching, Training, and Consulting Practice, where she and her collaborators help organizations, te…


matthew-lavoieMatthew Lavoie

Company: PowerDMS, Sr. User Experience Designer
Sessions: Applied Design Thinking

Matt Lavoie loves solving real problems for real people, and inspiring others to do the same. He is a Sr. User Experience Designer at PowerDMS, a cloud based crucial content platform serving verticals…


prateek-singh-1Prateek Singh

Company: Ultimate Software, Principal Agile Coach
Sessions: When will it be done – Probabilistic Predictions

Prateek Singh has been leading and working on agile teams for the 10+ years. Starting with XP, then Scrum and now working in a Kanban system, Prateek has gained a breadth and depth of knowledge regard…


lisa-dealmeidaLaisa de Almeida

Company: 3C Interactive, Scrum Master
Sessions: Kanbanizing Team Gadget – 3C Interactive’s Journey From Scrum to Kanban

Laisa de Almeida is an experienced servant leader currently working with Scrum teams at 3CInteractive in Florida. She helps organizations, teams and individuals on their journey to Agility. She is ex…


eric-casasEric Casas

Company: Office Depot / Karas-Wilders Group, Agile Coach
Sessions: Agile Serious Play – Learn Agile Through Games

Eric is an Agile specialist who has over 18 years experience in Software Development, Technology and Business Consulting for large (Fortune 100) and medium corporations, as well as early stage compani…


daniel-vacantiDaniel Vacanti

Company: Actionable Agile, Co-founder and CEO
Sessions: When will it be done – Probabilistic Predictions

Daniel Vacanti is a 20+ year software industry veteran who has spent most of his career focusing on Lean and Agile practices. In 2007, he helped to develop the Kanban Method for knowledge work and ma…

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